Call of Duty: Ghosts

Extinction Class Overview

Extinction Class Overview

Infinity Ward has released some new information about the classes available in the new Extinction game mode in Ghosts. The new game mode forces players to use anything and everything at their disposal against the alien hordes. Four character classes with different abilities are available to help maximize the team's changes in fighting against the odds.

All four classes (Weapon Specialist, Tank, Engineer and Medic) gain levels as the game progresses, which further improves their abilities.

Weapon Specialist

  • Bullets deal 20 % more damage.
  • Used as an assault class against the aliens.
  • Useful vs. heavily armored threats and smaller swarms.
  • Weapon handling improves as the class levels up.


  • Has 25 % more health.
  • Used on the frontlines since the class can take hits that would otherwise knock out other classes.
  • Leveling up increases the classes health and lethality.


  • Can provide armor for the drill and earn extra cash.
  • As the class gains levels, the drill maintenance and trap efficiency improves.


  • Revives allies quicker than other classes.
  • Faster movement speed and better healing abilities are gained with additional levels.

The team should consist of a variety of classes, which allows all the different abilities to complement each other - this way you'll stay alive longer.