Call of Duty: Ghosts

Ghosts Reveal Trailer, Behind The Scenes And Tech Comparison

The world premiere of Call of Duty: Ghosts was shown at the end of Microsoft's Xbox Event. The game will take the critically-acclaimed franchise into the next generation with a brand new engine, new world and new story.

COD: Ghosts will be released on 5th of November for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Activision and Infinity Ward have also released a "behind the scenes" trailer that tells you more about the singleplayer story, new engine and multiplayer. Here are the highlights:

  • Story
    • Brand new story written by Stephen Gaghan.
    • Story starts with America being crippled and having their military and government in disarray.
    • You are the underdog fighting against superior forces.
    • The "Ghosts" team is formed from the remnants of multiple US Special Forces and you play as one of them.
    • You will have a dog as a squad member that will help you out.
  • New Engine
    • The engine is completely new and is able to render lifelike characters and immersive worlds.
    • Has SUB-D technology; the closer you get to the object, the more it tries to maintain its curvature, thus making objects extremely smooth.
    • The new mantle system "keeps you going" by allowing you to leap over smaller walls automatically.
    • The lean system has been redesigned, which gives you an edge over the enemy - and vise-versa of course.
    • The slide system has also been redesigned by giving you an option to quickly get out of sight in a "cool looking way".
    • Fluids and smoke are now dynamic and interactive.
SUB-D Technology
  • Multiplayer
    • MP has been revamped in Ghosts.
    • Dynamic maps have earthquakes and floods that shape the map in different ways.
    • Players can also interact with the maps in multiple ways
    • Character customization is back and allows you to change everything about your character, from the shape of the head to the look of your gear.
    • More MP innovations will be revealed later.

As a small disappointment to non-Xbox users, Microsoft has renewed their DLC deal with Activision. This means all COD: Ghosts DLC content will be Xbox LIVE exclusives for 30 days, like with previous Call of Duty games.

Lastly Infinity Ward also showed off a side-by-side tech comparison that highlights the advances made from 2011's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.