Call of Duty: Ghosts

Dedicated Servers For PC + NVIDIA Partnership

Ghosts PC

In an interview with Eurogamer, Mark Rubin confirmed that Ghosts' PC version will have dedicated servers, just like the Xbox One version. The Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 weren't mentioned, but Infinity Ward made the decision to opt-in for the Xbox Live Cloud just a few months ago, so anything is possible, since the game is still a few months away from release.

Mark Rubin: "Those are the only platforms we're talking about at the moment... We ended up pulling the trigger probably only a couple of months ago."

Rubin also revealed that they have improved the games netcode with new technology that measures the internet connection distance rather than physical distance. On a related interview with GameSpot, he explained that they have wanted to have dedicated servers on consoles since Call of Duty 4, but the sheer amount of players made that impossible.

The server space required to host dedicated servers for the COD series was a real problem back in 2007. With the release of the first Modern Warfare game, they could only support about 4 matches in one server, which meant that it was going to come out to be more servers than every data center in the United States. Server technology has improved since then and isn't a problem nowadays.

Mark Rubin: "Obviously the power of the servers grew, and we can fit more and more instances per server, which has helped a bit, and the fact now that Microsoft is supporting this huge cloud initiative, dedicated servers make a ton more sense."


NVIDIA and Activision have also announced a technical partnership that will make the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts the best looking COD game to date. The game will integrate exclusive NVIDIA technologies, like TXAA temporal anti-aliasing and hardware-accelerated NVIDIA PhysX effects.