Call of Duty: Ghosts

Multiplayer Event Recap

Here's a small recap of the multiplayer event for those who have missed it:

Multiplayer Reveal Trailer


  • Create up to 10 unique soldiers
  • Each soldiers appearance and loadout can be edited
  • Over 20000 possible combinations (head, helmet, uniform, patch, background, clan tag, etc.)
  • Female soldiers can be created


  • Similar system to Black Ops II - you have a budget to spend on primary and secondary weapons, lethal and tactical equipment and perks
  • All weapon attachments and killstreaks are free
  • Over 30 new weapons
  • New primary weapon class: Marksman Rifle (combines assault rifle and sniper rifle)
  • Strike Packages from MW3 return
  • Over 20 new killstreaks
  • New perks system with 35 perks - you have 8 points to spend on perks and each perk costs between 1 to 5 points
  • Deathstreaks have been removed
  • As you earn XP you also earn "Squad Points" that you can use to unlock new weapons and equipment

Squads Mode

  • Can be played solo, cooperatively with up to 6-players or competitively 1 vs. 1
  • Playing the Squads Mode earns you XP and Squad Points
  • Built-in modes: Squad Assault (6 players vs. the AI), Safe Guard (4 players vs. increasing AI waves), Squad vs. Squad (1 vs. 1 with your squad as AI controlled teammates), War Game (5 vs. 5 squads)
  • New AI is almost life-like with cunning tactics and behaviors like side-strafing, corner-camping, jump-shooting and more.

DLC Season Pass

  • Four map packs to be released in 2014
  • Map packs cost $15 / 1200 Microsoft Points each
  • Season Pass at discounted price of $50 / 4000 Microsoft Points
  • Season Pass includes all four DLC map packs, Free Fall bonus map and the games soundtrack
  • Comes with additional MP bonuses

Hardened and Prestige Editions

  • Hardened Edition costs $120
  • Prestige Edition costs $200
  • Both come with the game (featuring unique disc art), Season Pass, Collectible SteelBook and Paracord Strap (has 10 feet of versatile military paracord)
  • The Prestige Edition comes with a 1080p HD Tactical Camera that's modeled from actual in-game equipment.
  • The Tactical Camera is shock proof and water resistant and comes equipped with three attachments.
Prestige Edition


  • The game will ship with 14 multiplayer maps
  • Field Orders are random challenges dropped by downed enemies - you earn rewards via Care Packages if you complete them
  • Dual render scopes thanks to the next generation engine
  • Contextual leaning that makes your soldier automatically lean near walls
  • Mantling allows you to automatically hurdle most obstacles
  • The new knee slide allows you to go from a running position to your knees by crouching
  • Theater mode and in-game live streaming have been removed
  • Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users can record and live stream directly from the console
  • No cross generation play
  • The "dynamic" destructions in multiplayer are triggered events
  • The PC version has the best graphics and is the best looking Call of Duty game to date
  • You can trade your current generation version to a next generation version without losing your progress - your Season Pass will also transfer over

Full One Hour Multiplayer Reveal Event